Posted on Jan 31, 2015
Posted in my life, personal, surfing

I’d like to introduce you to this really cool project called the 5 minute project ( It was started by my friend Dana Pugh (an awesome photographer in the Calgary area), and features some amazing artists, who all document their life 5 minutes at a time, sharing something that matters to them. Because we all can spare 5 minutes, right?

I gave this concept a try for the first time a few weeks ago, and loved it! And was so excited when they decided to feature my photos on the 5 minute project website. This is my favorite photo from it, you can see the whole series here – – and while you’re there I would highly recommend to check out some of the other projects featured.

Below a few words about why I took these photos though I’m pretty sure they mostly speak for themselves 🙂


We have this little routine that I love – on weeknights after work, whenever possible, we like to grab our boards, walk over to the ocean, and paddle out in the hope of catching a few waves while watching the sun set. Sometimes with friends, sometimes just the two of us, it has quickly become my favorite time of day.

We have this belief that even on a flat day, right around sunset, the ocean sends a few sets of waves towards the shore (we call these the sunset sets – clever I know). Sometimes they happen right at sunset, and other times we sit under the orange sky in the last lingering light and wait a while.

Every single time I’m mesmerized by how beautiful the water looks, glassy and smooth with tones of pink and orange reflecting from the clouds in the sky, the way the setting sun shines through breaking waves, the black silhouette of my love, sitting on his surfboard, hoping for a good wave. And I think, I need to bring my camera and take pictures of this. I don’t ever want to forget this time in our life. I want to remember these days. I want to look at photos and feel the sun on my face and the salt on my lips.

So finally one night I popped my iPhone into its waterproof housing and brought it along, and spent 5 minutes taking photos before surfing a few sunset sets. I love having this memory.

This is my roundabout way to tell you – document your life. Take just 5 minutes here and there to record it. The iPhone will do just fine, if you don’t want to bust out a bigger camera. The main point is, just do it.

What would a 5 minute slice of your life look like? I’d love if you shared with me!