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Posted on Apr 11, 2016

As I recently experienced myself, those last weeks before baby’s arrival are a really special time in a family’s life.

Time seems to creep ever so slowly towards the due date as anticipation builds and excitement lingers in the air.

And maybe a little dose of impatience mixed in with wanting to savor these feelings… The miracle of the growing belly, the baby moving inside, talking about what he will be like and sharing hopes and dreams for this little person. Hanging on to the way life is right now, as it will never be exactly the same. At least for me it felt that way.

That feeling was the inspiration for this in-home/beach/ocean maternity session. I wish for them to have a record to look back on together with their little boy one day, what a typical morning routine looked like for mama and dad and his furry older brother. I wish for them to fondly remember this time, and to appreciate how beautiful and radiant she looks. And for baby boy to see what love and fun he was born into.

They are so sweet, affectionate and loving, what a beautiful chapter in their life story. I feel so honored I got to document it, and look forward to witness their next adventure.



Posted on Sep 30, 2015

With my baby belly about as far along as this beautiful Maui mom was when we took these last year, I feel inspired to share this fun maternity session under the palm trees and at the beach with a sunset that didn’t disappoint.

I just wanted them to enjoy each other, and soak in life as a family of 3 for a moment, before little brother’s arrival would change their family dynamic. Talking about her pregnancy, she told me it felt like it flew by and yet at the same time it seemed like she’d been pregnant forever, and at this point it just felt like endless waiting.

With 5 weeks to go, I can now understand exactly how she felt 🙂



Posted on Jul 17, 2015

Life often feels much like the ocean. Sometimes it’s calm seas, glassy water and smooth sailings. Other times it’s a perfect storm of crashing waves, rip tides and coming up for air just to get sucked right back under.

Between a backlog of photos to edit, moving into our new house, and getting ready for our baby’s arrival, it’s been mostly the latter for me. Yesterday however I went for a quick swim to test out some camera settings, and remembered how much the ocean tends to balance me.

So while I use my renewed energy to catch up on editing, enjoy these hues of blue, and dream of calm oceans. (I used these hues to inspire paint colors for the house but that project will have to wait!)

Oh and don’t mind the little update of my fast-growing belly at the end 🙂