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Posted on Mar 19, 2016

Sharing a favorite session because I get to see this family again Monday, and I can’t wait! I love how in tune and engaged these parents are with their boys, and how much fun they all have together. They just did their thing, which allowed me to do mine – document them having fun in my photojournalistic style.

Originally we had planned on spending the morning snorkeling with the turtles, but a hurricane induced swell stirred up the ocean, so we went with plan B, playing in the waves and pool. We met back up in Lahaina late afternoon to explore the town, treat the boys to shave ice, and enjoy sunset at the beach.

I love the honest look into their vacation and into their family dynamics the images reflect. It’s one thing to have a set of pretty photos in nice clothes with beautiful Hawaii as your backdrop, and I get why people want those – we incorporated some of that into this session too. But to me, the photos depicting real life, showing what being together as a family felt like, the big and seemingly insignificant moments of actually vacationing, playing and just relaxing, I think those will mean more and more as the years pass by.

After seeing their photos, this mom told me, “you just really get us”. Still one of my favorite compliments I ever received.Maui_Lifestyle_Family_Photography

Posted on Sep 08, 2015

As promised in my last post – the beach portion of this family’s day in the life vacation session on the Big Island.

I enjoyed observing them celebrate life, family, and being together with both laughter-filled moments and some of the more quiet kind.

Here’s just a few random favorites of mine 🙂



Posted on Sep 04, 2015

A while back I flew to the Big Island to join this extended family for a day of fun, documenting a very special vacation.

We started with a few family photos around their house in Kona, and then dove right in – into the pool that is! I love how much joy being in the water brings out in kids of all ages.

Day in the life are my favorite type of vacation photography sessions, because it allows the family to be completely relaxed, act like themselves and just enjoy each other, and never fails in making for some great, true vacation memories.

Join me on here next week for part 2 of this family’s vacation fun as we head to the beach, but for now, here’s a few of my favorite underwater photos.



Posted on Jun 04, 2015


Hehehe. Puts a smile on your face doesn’t it 🙂

Clearly these kids have learned the “together we’re stronger” lesson about teamwork early on…

I love documenting moments like these in my work. Because they are pure, authentic fun. It’s how vacations go down, and how I believe kids should remember childhood.

That and – you can’t beat playing in the pool and calling it work 😉

Posted on May 20, 2015

Ahhhh, lazy pool days.

Then, out of nowhere….

Mommy shark attacks! 🙂



From a recent “day in the life” vacation photo session. One of the many reasons I love documentary/photojournalistic style family photography is because of real life, authentic moments like this. You can’t really plan this or set it up. How many simple, fun moments like this one have you experienced on vacation? Isn’t it fun to think about them? I can just imagine the four kids in this family looking through their album and laughing, saying “oh, remember that one time, when…”

Posted on Mar 05, 2015

Hawaii Family Photographer

I’m so passionate about my documentary family photography style because I get to photograph moments like these. Real life. Honest moments of childhood and the carefree joys that come with it. I spent the better part of a day with this boy and his family on the Big Island of Hawaii, and can’t wait to share more moments from our time together soon!

Posted on Jun 05, 2014

Because I believe family portraits should be taken where life happens… fun in the pool.

Enough said. Enjoy 🙂

Lifestyle Underwater Family Portraits Maui

Posted on Jun 03, 2014

One sunny morning at Baby Beach in Lahaina, I joined this fun family to photograph what their vacation beach life is like. Nothing setup and contrived, just the way they were, in the moment, sharing lots of love, laughter and fun in the sand and ocean.

Documenting a day in the life of families is quickly becoming a favorite in my work life.

Check back tomorrow for part 2 of their day, playing in the pool!

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