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Posted on Apr 11, 2016

As I recently experienced myself, those last weeks before baby’s arrival are a really special time in a family’s life.

Time seems to creep ever so slowly towards the due date as anticipation builds and excitement lingers in the air.

And maybe a little dose of impatience mixed in with wanting to savor these feelings… The miracle of the growing belly, the baby moving inside, talking about what he will be like and sharing hopes and dreams for this little person. Hanging on to the way life is right now, as it will never be exactly the same. At least for me it felt that way.

That feeling was the inspiration for this in-home/beach/ocean maternity session. I wish for them to have a record to look back on together with their little boy one day, what a typical morning routine looked like for mama and dad and his furry older brother. I wish for them to fondly remember this time, and to appreciate how beautiful and radiant she looks. And for baby boy to see what love and fun he was born into.

They are so sweet, affectionate and loving, what a beautiful chapter in their life story. I feel so honored I got to document it, and look forward to witness their next adventure.



Posted on Mar 19, 2015

A little photo story of a Maui surprise proposal on the stormiest of days.

Brian had perfectly planned out his proposal to Chloe, including a beautiful spot overlooking the ocean, live ukulele music, and dinner with her family afterwards. Unbeknownst to Chloe, they would happen to be “early” to the planned family dinner and go for a nice walk, which was to turn into the happiest surprise of her life. What Brian couldn’t plan was the weather, but this is Hawaii so who worries about the weather, right?

I knew we had a tropical storm headed our way but hoped it would hold out til later that night. Planning to photograph the proposal ninja style hidden behind a hedge, I headed to Kapalua early under promising blue skies. I arrived just in time for a downpour to start, and watched the parking lot empty out as masses of people were fleeing off the beach. Well, at least we wouldn’t have to worry about an audience during the proposal…

Eventually the rain stopped, but the wind was blowing like crazy and storm clouds were hanging low in the sky. Wondering how he’d get her to take a walk in this kind of weather, I headed to my hiding spot, where I met the ukulele player, and shortly after, low and behold, here they come walking along the ocean front path.

I’m so glad Chloe was spontaneous enough to agree to a walk in tropical storm conditions! I’m sure it will be an engagement to remember… needless to say with the sky threatening to unleash on us, we opted for a sunnier evening for the actual engagement session.

Big congratulations Brian and Chloe!

Maui engagement photo session

Posted on Oct 30, 2014

The one downside to living in Hawaii is that I miss out on most of the happenings and quality time with all my friends who live elsewhere. Bich’s family has pretty much adopted me as one of them, and it was hard not be to there for her through all the wedding planning and pre-wedding events, not to mention just good old hanging-out-time on their front porch with a side of bubbly, like we used to on a regular basis back when I lived in Colorado.

So it was that much more special to me to arrive a week early for their wedding, help with last minute prep, and do lots of catching up before the big day. I’m glad they couldn’t imagine anyone else photographing their wedding, because I couldn’t imagine not having documented this amazing day for them. What a blast it was being a photographer and guest at the same time. I love these two to pieces.

Here is a small selection of some of my favorite moments from their day. And at the bottom there’s even proof  that I made it into a few photos here and there.

(friends and family – you can see the entire set of wedding photos here:

Wedding Photography ColoradoWedding Photography Colorado


See here? I did make it into their memories. This is the fanciest I have ever been dressed on the job!

Wedding Photography Colorado 3


Posted on Apr 08, 2014

Naomi and Josh, sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g…

well, you know the rest. These two and their love for each other inspired me so much! They love hiking, as Josh is really into waterfalls, and since they got engaged on the beach and already had some photos of that, they wanted something different for their engagement session. And if you know me, I’m always up for an adventure, so off we went to explore the greener side of Maui…


We started off at a quiet spot with massive trees and a little waterfall, then ventured into the bamboo forest, and ended up at a slightly bigger, more impressive waterfall (thanks rainy winter!) …

Maui Rainforest Engagement Photography Session


Next, we headed to the rainbow eucalyptus tree patch – I’ve always wanted to do a photo session amongst these amazing colorful beauties. I should mention no trees were harmed in the creation of these photos – we just looked hard enough and promptly found a tree with “N loves J” inscribed… clearly these two are meant to be together, even the trees think so.

Maui Lifestyle Couple Photography…and finally, we had some more fun at random pretty spots on the side of the road, and finding a sign that says “falling in love rocks” pretty much put the icing on the cake of this fun engagement session.

Congratulations Naomi and Josh, it was a pleasure documenting your beautiful relationship and love for each other, and so much fun getting to know you while exploring our island! Wishing you all the best.

xo, Barb

Maui Lifestyle Engagement Photography


Posted on Feb 14, 2014

In honor of Valentine’s Day, here’s a little sneak peek at Monday’s rainforest engagement session with a super fun and adorable couple.

Because falling in love rocks.

Maui Rainforest Engagement Photos

Posted on Jan 08, 2014

Remember when I blogged about my friends’ surprise engagement in Napa Valley? Last fall, while I was in Colorado, we did their engagement photos in downtown Denver. It was freezing cold, so they cozied up to stay warm as we ventured around. Good thing they like each other. I can’t wait for their May wedding at Highlands Ranch Mansion!


Colorado Engagement Photography

Posted on Oct 28, 2013
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This is a love story.

About a guy from Australia and a girl from Canada, who made the promise to always travel across the seas for each other.

About a bride with the most beautiful smile, and a groom who wrote a song about it and serenaded her as a surprise.

About a love that knows no borders or boundaries, a love we could all learn from.

Jono and Caitlin, it was an honor and absolute pleasure to witness your beautiful love, document such a happy day, and just be around you. You are an inspiration just by being yourselves. I wish you much happiness always.

Maui Wedding Photography



Posted on Feb 07, 2013

I love it when adults have just as much fun as kids during a photo session. This fun bunch sure did! They were visiting Wailea for a birthday celebration and what better way to commemorate the day than with some fun warm beach memories to take home?

Maui Hawaii Beach Portraits

Posted on Jan 17, 2013
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2 weeks ago I went on a long weekend trip to Napa Valley with some of my Colorado friends for wine tasting, good food, fun together, and – as all but one of us knew – for a surprise proposal. He had been carefully planning it for months, and on Saturday January 5th, in the quaint family owned winery Tres Sabores (check them out – their wine is amazing!) he proposed, she said yes, the surprise was a success and she still can’t stop looking at her ring.

Bich and Jeff, congratulations, you are perfect for each other. I’m so happy for you! Can’t wait for your wedding. Love you guys!

Napa Valley Proposal Photography

Posted on Oct 29, 2012

Photographing Taylor & Andy’s engagement was soooo much fun. I mean seriously, could they be any cuter? It felt like I was watching a romantic comedy, and made my heart melt a little how they looked at each other, and then would bust out in spontaneous laughter. At one point she tried to pick him up and carry him. Oh I hope you’re planning to honeymoon in Maui, I can only imagine how awesome a honeymoon photo session would be with you guys here.